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A Look at The Psychology Of Environment

Similarly, several conferences have been held in China in recent years, to which Western scholars have been invited and from which have followed collections of articles Cheng et al , Yuedi and Carter a. Similar collections have also published papers presented at conferences in Europe Drenthen and Keulartz and in North America, from which papers are included in a recent special issue of the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism Shapshay and Tenen a.

Another indication of the global appeal of environmental aesthetics is that many articles and books in environmental aesthetics have been translated from English into a number of other languages, including several European languages as well as Korean and especially Chinese, into which several of the basic Western texts in environmental aesthetics have been translated. Moreover, this global appeal is further evidenced by the prolific research in the field currently being published in several different countries and languages.

The continuing globalization of environmental aesthetics as well as the currently fruitful discussions both within and among the various points of view represented in contemporary research, such as in ecoaesthetics, suggests that the work that is most productive for promoting and supporting the aesthetic appreciation and preservation of all kinds of environments, both natural and human, is that which depends not simply on any one particular approach to environmental aesthetics, but rather on attempts to bring together the resources of several different orientations and traditions Nassauer , Lintott , Carlson , Moore , Cheng et al , Carlson For example, in addition to the Chinese research in ecoaesthetics, there are, as noted, similar efforts by Western scholars to combine elements of cognitive and non-cognitive points of view Rolston , Saito , Toadvine Moreover, many thinkers explore other topics that they constructively relate to environmental aesthetics, for instance, feminist theory Lee , Lintott , Lintott and Irvin , political and social issues Berleant , Ross , Simus b, McShane , Saito , philosophy of biology Parsons and Carlson , animal treatment and protection Parsons , Hettinger , Semczyszyn , Brady a, Tafalla , Cross , weather and climate change Brady b, Diaconu , Nomikos , and, perhaps most important, the enrichment of the quality of human life Saito a , Jamieson In this way, these contributions continue to shape the future directions of environmental aesthetics Saito b, Blanc , Drenthen and Keulartz , Shapshay and Tenen b.

Such innovative, eclectic approaches, coupled with the globalization of environmental aesthetics, will hopefully not only further a wide range of environmental goals and practices but also foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the aesthetic potential of the world in which we live. History 1. Twentieth Century Developments 2. Basic Orientations in Environmental Aesthetics 3. Environmental Aesthetics beyond Natural Environments 4.

Environmental Aesthetics, Environmentalism, and Future Directions 5. History Although environmental aesthetics has developed as a sub-field of Western philosophical aesthetics only in the last forty years, it has historical roots in eighteenth and nineteenth century European and North American aesthetics.

Twentieth Century Developments Western philosophical study of the aesthetics of the natural world reached a low point in the middle of the twentieth century, with the focus of analytic aesthetics almost exclusively on philosophy of art. Basic Orientations in Environmental Aesthetics After the emergence of environmental aesthetics as a significant area of philosophical research, some initial positions crystallized. Environmental Aesthetics beyond Natural Environments Since they first took form in the late twentieth century, the initial positions in environmental aesthetics expanded from their original focus on natural environments to consider human and human-influenced environments.

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Environmental Aesthetics, Environmentalism, and Future Directions Together with wider scope of environmental aesthetics, including both the aesthetics of human environments and the aesthetics of everyday life, the twenty-first century has also given rise to renewed investigations of the relationship between environmental aesthetics and environmentalism.

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1. History

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How nature is good for our health and happiness

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The Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature

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appreciating nature essay Appreciating nature essay
appreciating nature essay Appreciating nature essay
appreciating nature essay Appreciating nature essay
appreciating nature essay Appreciating nature essay
appreciating nature essay Appreciating nature essay

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