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He does this by showing us the contrasting lives of the two boys and their mothers. Mrs Lyons has an easy life and Mrs Johnston has a hard life and has to work hard to earn a living. The same applies to the boys as Mickey has the hard life and Eddie has the easy life. Willy Russell also shows us that education, living conditions, housing and wealth can be affected as a direct result of your. Mickey lives in poverty with his biological mother Mrs Johnstone who is attempting but failing to control her infinite number of children.

How does Willy Russell demonstrate class difference in Blood Brothers? A Liverpudlian West Side Story: twin brothers are separated at birth because their mother cannot afford to keep them both.

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She gives one of them away to wealthy Mrs Lyons and they grow up as friends in ignorance of their blood relationship until the inevitable quarrel caused through 'class' differences leads to the tragic outcome. In this essay, I will examine how.

GCSE: Blood Brothers

Willy Russell uses the contrast of characters to show the major difference in social class in the play Blood Brothers. Mrs Johnstone was the first character introduced to us in the play. In 'Blood Brothers ' Mrs Johnstone lives in a poor end of Liverpool, struggling to bring up eight children on her own and is forced to give one away to keep the others clothed and fed well enough, whereas Mrs Lyons, whom she works for, lives in a large house, very comfortably in a nice part of Liverpool, she wants. Russell uses a variety of linguistic techniques.

Blood Brothers Essay Example

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English Literature / Drama GCSE: Characters: Blood Brothers by Willy Russell

Without a real enclosed space Jacob would have to pretend being trapped which could seem unrealistic. All these techniques contributed towards the effectiveness of the drama. At first I thought it would be very easy because we had something to work with; however I found it quite challenging because it was hard not to use ideas from the show in London.

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  4. We wanted to keep parts of it the same to keep the feeling of the show; however we wanted to change some bits to improve it. For example, we wanted Mrs Johnston to face forwards than backwards so the audience can see the emotion in her face when the narrator is telling the story about the two brothers. We also had the chorus run on from upstage left during the song because we felt that the beginning of the song was too emotional and it was not right to have he stage filled with chorus actors because it would spoil the scene being created by the song.

    The narrator sat at the front of the stage just in front of the fourth wall line to give the audience the feeing that the narrator is also watching the show rather than being in it. He sat very casually with one leg drawn up and the other hanging down over the front of the stage. This gives an impersonal feel and indicates the narrator is not a character in the show. Once he crossed the fourth wall line he entered the story and was no longer watching it, he was in it.

    In the show Willy Russell staged the narrator standing up and Mrs Johnstone facing backwards, I think this was used by Russell to show that the Narrator is telling the story. The fact that Mrs Johnstone is facing backwards could indicate that she is in denial about something or is ashamed to face forwards. We can interpret the cause of this by the characters and props on stage, for example there were two bodies o stage at the beginning of the show. The audience can link the bodies to the grief of Mrs Johnstone. I felt this was a good stimulus because it showed us that by changing the tinyest detail the scene can take on a whole new meaning.

    It also made me realise how well thought out the show actually is.

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    This was helpful because I sometimes forget the minor details that make the acting more believable. We did this because the poem is centred on the fact that Mickey wants to do the things that Sammy does. We felt that this stimulus was effective because it showed the relationship between rival siblings and younger ones idolising older brothers and sisters. We used a louder voice and whined while we said the lie to imitate a child whining at their mother because they feel it is unfair.

    To create the physical theatre we had to think of ways to safely lift up Bee without hurting her or us as well as her being able to lift her legs up. We decided the best way to lift up Bee was to link our arms under hers and behind her back, that way she could be supported fully and have enough room to bend her legs.

    We wanted to actually remove her legs because we thought that elaborating the monologue is a childlike thing to do. We were also able to do this by exaggerating the spitting movements; to really exaggerate this Jacob pretended to prepare to spit but in a large manor. He pulled his arms back and stuck out his chest as he prepared to spit and threw himself forwards with a lunge when he spat at me.

    This showed the behaviour you would expect of a small child and by doing this the immaturity of Sammy and Mickey really showed through. The last stimulus was to make three tableaux of the Johnstone and Lyons family, we already knew the general behaviour and activities the two families would do and so we just had to elaborate on that existing knowledge.

    As a group we decided that we wanted the three scenes to show the same activity between the two families, it would enable us to compare the two families. Some children are playing shooting games by using their hands to make toy guns and using imaginative shooting poses such as standing on one leg and shooting underneath their second, this captures the essence of youthfulness and imagination.

    blood brothers introduction essay Blood brothers introduction essay
    blood brothers introduction essay Blood brothers introduction essay
    blood brothers introduction essay Blood brothers introduction essay
    blood brothers introduction essay Blood brothers introduction essay
    blood brothers introduction essay Blood brothers introduction essay
    blood brothers introduction essay Blood brothers introduction essay
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