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But in the third stanza, the speaker urgently tries to persuade her to give in to his advances, using active verbs such as sport, devour, and tear. The diction creates a tone of ardent entreaty.

Go to the Diction in Poetry activity in the Self-Checked section and experiment with diction as directed. With just a few well-chosen words, the twentieth century African-American poet Gwendolyn Brooks powerfully conveys the bravado of a group of young boys. Brooks uses the collective we, instead of the singular I, to communicate that the speakers of the poem are a group of teenagers.

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The word we is also used to show their solidarity to each other. In the poem, Gwendolyn Brooks uses the precise diction to mimic unrefined teenagers, and successfully conveys their seeming toughness while in truth they are insecure and defensive.

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She keeps the poem short to indicate their limited vocabulary and limited self-awareness. Did you also notice how the diction of this poem seems to echo jazz sounds? Read more about how to use diction effectively in poetry. Then go to your Lesson Activities and write a short poem of your own in the Not Assessed section.

What is diction and syntax?

When Keats wrote this poem, he knew he was dying. This poem was, in fact, the last poem Keats ever wrote. He died when he was just He listens. If tone conveys the mood and attitude of a poem, diction helps create the tone. To analyze tone, you need to understand diction.

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Essay on Diction: Writing and Diction

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diction analysis essay Diction analysis essay
diction analysis essay Diction analysis essay
diction analysis essay Diction analysis essay
diction analysis essay Diction analysis essay
diction analysis essay Diction analysis essay

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