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I advance a discourse theory of citizenship as a mode of public engagement. Attending to modalities of citizenship recognizes its fluid and quotidian enactment and considers action that is purposeful, potentially uncontrollable and unruly, multiple, and supportive of radical but achievable democratic practices.

Citizenship engagement may be approached through potential foci of generativity, risk, commitment, creativity, and sociability. A discourse theory reformulates the relationship between citizenship and citizen, reveals differences in enactments of citizenship, and calls attention to hybrid cases of citizenship. Email: rbasen wisc.

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A portion of this article was presented at the Alta Conference on Argumentation. Robert D. For an overview of these debates, see Civic Engagement in American Democracy , ed. Theda Skocpol and Morris P. See also Robert K. Fullinwider, ed. For an exception to this approach, see Gerard A. Gerard A.

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This is not a methodological point. Citizenship may be studied usefully from both social scientific and humanistic perspectives. A discourse theory signals an affiliation with theoretical efforts to conceptualize the public sphere as a social space created through discourse. From this perspective, specific sites may host public spheres, but these sites are not identical with the public sphere per se. Daniel C. Robert Asen and Daniel C. The invocation of Dewey in this portion of my argument is meant as an inspiration, not a necessary component of theorizing citizenship as a mode of public engagement.

I am not advocating Dewey's theory of citizenship. Volume — , ed. Dewey, Public and Its Problems , My suggestion that scholars may wish to defer the question of constitution represents a change in my perspective. In a recent Alta paper, I identified these foci as constitutive qualities of citizenship. Charles Willard forthcoming, So, the general guidelines are that your new paper must be a considerable re vision ing of the topic at hand, i.

We will have to work closely together to make sure that you are producing original work. In other words, paragraphs, sentences, examples, etc. It may be easier to work from a paper that was, in some respects, a failed effort, since it has ample opportunity for a new take.

That way, you will have the satisfaction of getting it right this time. You can write about a completely new topic, as long as it addresses the four major issues of the class above, or in some central way explores citizenship in America. If the idea well is dry, here are some possible essay prompts:.

The Meaning of Citizenship

You are welcome to have more, of course, just make sure that your own writing and ideas are not overwhelmed by your research. On the other hand, feel free to use your research for more than just quote- or statistic-dropping. Hopefully, your research will lead you to concepts, ideas, and examples that you may synthesize with your own. I want you to be proud of what you have written.

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Using Thoreau and King as your starting point, what act of Civil Disobedience are you advocating today? Where are we heading and what should we do about it? How are the practice and ideals of citizenship different from the age of our Founding Fathers? Can we keep their model alive in this radically different world?

Are universities in the business of making active, informed, and selfless citizens or are they bent on creating passive, ignorant, and selfish consumers? How does UK rank? What kind of citizen is popular culture movies, T. Are we just amusing ourselves to death?

How can we prioritize, process, and digest the information that we receive? What obligations do our national and local information peddlers have toward informing their citizenry? Upload document Create flashcards.

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essay questions on citizenship Essay questions on citizenship
essay questions on citizenship Essay questions on citizenship
essay questions on citizenship Essay questions on citizenship
essay questions on citizenship Essay questions on citizenship
essay questions on citizenship Essay questions on citizenship
essay questions on citizenship Essay questions on citizenship
essay questions on citizenship Essay questions on citizenship

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