Teenager problems essay

Family time and meals

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What your teenager needs

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Essay About Teenagers’ Problems: Parental Control

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Post comment. View profile. Report Abuse. Scott R? In these days is really hard for teenagers to shape the right character and future. Self — discipline is important and might be useful in the future life, so the youth should learn to be orderly. And I think good option is to spend lot of time with other age-mates or family and persons who could be authorities. Certainly, sitting in front of the computer all days is the worst way for teenagers to growing up, so their parents should be careful. The teen years are rather tough years, when people go through so many emotional, mental and physical changes.

Self-discipline can be and often enough is hard, at times. Sometimes, however, it's necessary to make a choice between this or that, if one gets the drift. It's hard, but it can be done. Winny said What would help would be for you to enter into a dialogue about these issues and look to agree with them.

When You Know, You Can Help

What teenagers want as much as when they were little is your love, your care, your respect and your attention. They want to be noticed by you. Too often, because teenagers are being moody and withdraw into themselves, we respond by ignoring them. Ignoring bad behaviour and not rising to it is one thing; ignoring the person who is annoying us is another.

Teenagers still want to spend time together with their parents. But they also still value family time - round a table eating together, watching television as a family, even going out with you. Which is why one core aspect of family life that seems to have slipped away may be something you need to defend or bring back; the family meal. Many families have found shared meals, as a family, have become a luxury they have lost.

And of course, if preferences and food fads has meant that people are eating different foods anyway, it can seem just as sensible for people to get their own as and when they wish. One of the side effects of sharing family meals is that it allows everyone round the table to feel valued and appreciated - another core need for teenagers. Teenagers today seem surrounded by an overload of things to do and ways of taking in information. Kids tend to keep fit by rushing around in school breaks.

Teenagers often need support in keeping active so that it becomes a part of their adult life style, and they stay healthy and fit. This has the added value of giving you one more time when you can share time with them, while running or cycling or swimming or going to a gym. Teenagers need us to give them choices and responsibility appropriate to their age. Teenagers can become stroppy, insisting they are perfectly capable of running their own lives and making decisions for themselves. Some parents may be tempted to throw up their hands and to opt for a peaceful life, letting them stay out late, do the things they want, and even leave school early or not take up a challenging college course.

Other parents may come down hard, and take over all responsibility for everything - what they study at school, who they see, when they are in. What may be more effective, and certainly more what teenagers need, is for a gradual process where teenagers learn to take on decision making, and gradually assume control. The answer is neither to let them continue nor clamp down on them but to work out with them what responsibility they could and should take on and increase it as they show what they can do.

Young people tend to rise to responsibility when it is transferred to them. This is as true of teenagers as it is of children. What teenagers, even more than children, need is helpful attention. Giving our children helpful attention helps us to develop close and co-operative relationships with them and builds their confidence and self-esteem. A key element in dealing with teenagers is to enjoy them. This can sometimes be hard if they seem to spend a lot of their time defying you, arguing with you and ignoring you.

Both of you can be on a negative default setting. You can often tackle their defiance, argumentativeness and disregard by switching to positive setting. So, look at what they do you like. Take an interest in who they are at this moment, which will not be the child they were some time ago not the adult they will be in a few years time. Adolescence is the time for choices. But they also have so many other decisions to make - how to appear, who to identify with, who to befriend and be loyal to.

Essay about Common Teenage Problems

Parents and teenagers can argue over so many of the options the young person decides upon. One underlying factor you need to consider, however, is how much this conflict is effected by the process of separation, and how much on the issues you point to. Adolescence is, after all, a painful time of life for many parents. Every choice they make on their own - and every choice they make that is different from the one you have made - underlines this separation.

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Parents may find themselves in opposition, not necessarily because of the choice itself, but because it was made by someone who is no longer a child and not by them.

teenager problems essay Teenager problems essay
teenager problems essay Teenager problems essay
teenager problems essay Teenager problems essay
teenager problems essay Teenager problems essay
teenager problems essay Teenager problems essay

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