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All types of Resumes. Administrative Assistant Resume. All Other papers. The last decade has witnessed several major changes in the world economy. These changes are attributed to globalization of trade market, rising expectations of customers, and customization of products and services. The Internet era has transformed almost everything, including shifting our personal inspirations to professional aspirations.

It has influenced our education, occupation, lifestyle, achievements, possessions, relations, beliefs, and perception of life.

We are living in the world that overwhelms us with numerous choices. The customization of products has opened new vistas for visionaries. On one hand, it is a boon for customers as well as the corporate world; on the other hand, it has consumed businesses that could not withstand the challenge. Since the environment around us is getting dynamic day by day, so will be the lifespan of the companies.

A number of companies, which were able to sustain in the last 50 years, will be much larger than the number of companies, which will survive in the next 50 years, and this is attributed to constantly changing landscape around us all.

Globalization has impacted the whole world, and Belgium is no exception. Economic growth is transferred to Asian countries and Europe has lost much of its economic power with the exception of a few nations. Like most of the European nations, Belgium too has faced economic instability in past few years. It is high time for the country to introspect and resuscitate its business and marketing strategies to survive in the world market.

The media industry in the Belgium has evolved from print to digital, and today, many companies are using this medium to attract local and global customers. Therefore, it is essential to understand the major challenges in the field and to find out a way to combat them. In Belgium, digital media came into existence about a decade ago. According to a statistical report, approximately This is a massive number, and it indicates that the country is ready for digital revolution.

Having said this, we also need to think that globalization can play a substantial role in digital transformation. Since a number of people have internet access, they can be lured into buying global products by the companies, which are not based in Belgium, and this is true for any country. Hence, the digital marketing has to be customized but at the same time globalized as well; so, that it appeals to a wide diaspora.

The main challenge for digital marketing is plethora of digital space. As a marketing manager, should one focus on search engines like Google, Alta vista, Yahoo, etc.

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It is a big dilemma for every marketing manager. As previously explained, customers no longer have a dearth of choices. If they cannot relate themselves to any content, they will simply stop buying any products for that company. Hence, the integrated marketing communication should be coherent about the product starting from its marketing strategy to the culminating at launching of media campaign.

There are certain steps a company should take in this digital transformation to thrive, sustain, and outlast the competition. Following are the most significant among them:. The main objective of the given research proposal is to determine digital media effects on consumer behavior.

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To identify this behavior, we will focus on two major questions:. Today, many companies are investing heavily in digital advertising. However, it is crucial to know how much impact it is making in top line of a company. As discussed above, the content of communication has a far ever lasting impact on how customers perceive and value information they receive, imbibe, and how this information affects their association with the brand and the marketer Merisavo, Duncan and Moriarty emphasized on communication more than persuasion to build long term relations with the customer.

They further explained that though promotional campaigns can cause a sudden upheaval in sales, they might not be able to sustain long-term sales unless supported by prudential carved out strategies. Reibstein also supported this statement by conducting a study where he concluded that customer service support is the cardinal parameter, which attracts repeat buying and hence, lowers the cost spent on advertising campaigns.

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Non-loyal customers prefer those companies where they always receive promotional offers and hence, will never stick to one company as they keep looking for better deals. In , Kotler merged personalization and segmentation. He gave an idea of one to one marketing, better known as customized marketing. Various authors have tried to measure the impact of personalization of content on brand communication. Ansari and Mela mentioned that response rates could be increased to around two-thirds if personalization can be incorporated into email design and content.

The Impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behavior

In , Nussey investigated the impact of emails on sales and found that eBag company was able to double the mean revenue per recipient by optimization of email messages sent to the consumer. As we have concluded from above, both promotional campaigns and personalization of content play a vital role in increasing revenues of an organization as the first factor induces the sales and the second one sustains the sales. Therefore, we will focus our research on these two variables and evaluate their efficacy.

For our research, we thoroughly investigated textbooks, e-books, and online literature. The main keywords we used in our research are current trends in marketing, scope, and challenges in digital marketing, online marketing, digital advertising and marketing, digital marketing in the Belgium, and role of content in online marketing, etc.

We retrieved numerous articles on each topic; however, we have included only peer-reviewed articles, white papers, and authentic survey-reports in our review. Therefore, we will study the buying behavior of these youth. To maintain the cost-effectiveness of our work, we will select students age and conduct a survey to analyze their inclinations. These participants will be selected randomly to mitigate the bias error.

Friends and relatives will also be excluded from the study to avoid bias. In our survey, we will prepare a questionnaire that will include some personal questions, such as name, age, gender and occupation of the students. Some of these questions are as follows:. We will use SPSS software to collect and analyze the data of this survey. It should be mentioned that sample size of the study is small; it aims at providing information about the role of digital advertising in promoting sales and profits.

The tentative time to conduct this study is two weeks; it includes data collection, segregation, analysis, and reporting.

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  6. Today, no one can deny the importance of online marketing. Though, this new trend in marketing has provided equal opportunities to businesses irrespective of size, and it has also increased the challenge and complexity of landscape in which companies operate. Therefore, it is essential to understand and identify all challenges to be addressed by the companies to support their growth.

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    Ansari, et al. Journal of Marketing Research, 40 2 : Bakker, P. Duncan, T. Journal of Marketing, 62, Kotler, P. Marketing Management. Analysis, Planning, Implementation, and Control. Mela, C. Journal of Marketing Research, 34 2 : Merisavo, M.

    A Selection of Good Thesis Topics for Advertising

    Nussey, B. The Quiet Revolution in Email Marketing. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse Inc. The growth of the tourism industry of a country in terms of the inflow of tourists is highly dependent on the global tourism industry. The global tourism industry is highly competitive and very professional. The intensity as well as the tenacity of the global tourism industry is considered to be a very critical factor in the understanding of how competitive the tourism markets are Cook and Yale, In the recent past in the United Kingdom there has been development of very competitive tourism products due to the high-quality management of the natural resources as well as the manmade tourist assets in the country.

    The main aim of this quality management is to convince the international market that the country is the destination of choice over the other countries in the global tourism industry. However it is arguable that there is a need to device suitable as well as continuing promotional and advertising tourism campaigns for the purpose of reaching out to the international market in the tourism industry so as to maintain or increase the market for Dunsmuir, As noted earlier in the section, the tourism industry is the second largest in the United Kingdom economy and also the second highest foreign exchange earner in the economy.

    Much more than documents.

    It is also the second biggest private sector employer. Being aware of this fact various players in the industry have always strived to enhance the growth of the industry by way of popularising the industry through tourism advertisement campaigns. This is not with the exception of the United Kingdom government. The government in launched phase one of tourism advertisement campaign in order to raise tourism awareness.

    The phase was aimed at enhancing the perception of the local people concerning the tourism sector as well as creating awareness among the citizens and the other agencies that influence the tourism industry in the country. The campaign involved the collaboration of different non-governmental organizations, the Ministry of Tourism and other main decision makers in the industry Huang, There are several factors that affect the effectiveness of the tourism advertising campaigns in the United Kingdom. These factors relates to the demographic, behavioural and the psychological orientation of the market targeted by the tourism campaign in question.

    Of great importance is that these factors have continually determined the choice of the media channels to be used in order to register an increasing chance of having a celebrated advertising campaign Pan, It is also worth to note that there has been an increasing trend in the advancement of technology in the entire world. This has also its own implications on the behavioural characteristics of the market for the tourism industry. A keen observation of most of the youth today has revealed that they are fond of purchasing products via the internet and therefore in most cases they tend to make their holiday booking through the internet.

    In these circumstances therefore the design of the tourism advertising campaigns need to be very observant of all the factors that affect the behavioural, psychological and the demographic characteristics of the market being targeted by the campaign Pizam, Some forms of advertising within the tourism industry are much more effective than others and therefore it is very important for companies within the tourism industry to select the advertising strategies that are best suited and tailored to the needs and requirements of the market being targeted.

    This will basically be dependent on the demographic, psychological and the behavioural characteristics of the market that is targeted by the campaigns. How the campaign features match these features determines the acceptance and the success of the campaign.

    Through studies it has been noted that the media channels through which the advertisers pass their message in the tourism industry greatly influence the degree to which the advertising campaign will be successful. It is quite clear that different groups of consumers in the tourism market will have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the advertising media and this will undoubtedly impact how they will ultimately react to the advertising campaigns.

    Hence it is important for the companies within the tourism industry to ensure that they have tailored their advertising campaigns and have selected media channels that meet the exact requirements of the target market Pan, At this juncture, it is worth noting that tourism is a highly people-oriented business and significant to the economy especially to the United Kingdom economy Huang, It is therefore within the interest of the citizens that the industry mushrooms for the country to effectively derive its benefits to the economy to the maximum possible.

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