Thesis statement questions

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Andersen Horticultural Library off campus Today: a. Natural Resources Library Today: p. We are committed to providing a safe, open environment, and the broadest possible access to quality information. We do not tolerate disruptive behavior, harassment, and hateful acts. A thesis statement is your main idea and I often describe it to students as how you feel about the whole issue in one sentence.

It tells the examiner that you have understood the question and will lead to a clearer; more coherent essay. Thesis statement : This essay agrees that increasing use of motor vehicles is contributing to rising global temperatures and certain health issues.

Writing a Thesis Statement in 3 Steps | Interactive Example

As you can see, this sentence makes it absolutely clear to the examiner how you feel about the question. The rest of your essay should support this statement. We therefore need to tell the examiner clearly whether we agree or disagree and this will influence our thesis statement. What are some of the problems associated with reliance on computers, and what are some of the possible solutions? In each of the three questions above the main keywords are more or less the same- education and computers.

However, if we look at the action words we can see that we are required to answer the three questions in very different ways and this will affect our thesis statement. How do I write a thesis statement for each question? Once we have established what the question wants us to do, we can now think about our thesis statement.

How to Ask Questions in a Thesis Statement?

Below we will look at how to write a thesis statement for four different kinds of question:. You should remember that although IELTS writing part 2 questions normally follow a standard format as above, they sometimes change and you should be prepared for that. I tell my students to only choose options one or two. If you have just one opinion and you stick to this, it will lead to a clear and well argued essay. Also remember that we should not copy the question as this is not allowed in the IELTS writing test and instead we should paraphrase.

Second Example Opinion Question. Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. Thesis Statement: This essay disagrees that the best way to resolve increasing pollution and congestion problems is to raise the cost of fuel.

Computers are being used more and more in education. Some people say that this is a positive trend, while others argue that it is leading to negative consequences. For this kind of question we need to clearly state both sides of the argument and state our own opinion.

We do this by simply paraphrasing the question; thus stating both sides, and then giving our own opinion. Our own opinion will be just one side of the argument. I recommend contacting your professor or supervisor for more information. Have a language expert improve your writing.

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How to Write a Thesis Statement Brick-by-Brick?

Generate your APA citations for free! Home Knowledge Base Essay Thesis statement. Date updated: March 4, A thesis statement sums up the main point of your paper.

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What is a thesis statement?

Shona McCombes Shona has a bachelor's and two master's degrees, so she's an expert at writing a great thesis. She has also worked as an editor and teacher, working with students at all different levels to improve their academic writing. Other students also liked. Topic sentences Topic sentences sum up the central point of each paragraph. Use them to make smooth transitions and build a coherent argument - see examples! How to write an essay introduction A great introduction sparks your reader's interest, gives background information on your topic, and sets up the purpose of your essay.

How to write a paragraph Each paragraph in your paper should focus on one central point. Follow these 6 steps for a strong paragraph structure.

Can Either the Topic Sentence or the Thesis Statement Be a Question?

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Thesis statement questions
Thesis statement questions
Thesis statement questions
Thesis statement questions
Thesis statement questions
Thesis statement questions
Thesis statement questions
Thesis statement questions
Thesis statement questions

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